Whether buying a home here in Oxnard, California or anywhere in the state for that matter the steps  described here are fundamental. Keeping these critical steps in mind will eliminate much of the stress involved in the Home Buying process as well as reduce the risk of jeopardizing the deal. Eliminating risk is crucial especially if you are buying for the first time the home of your dreams.

The Home Buying Process

  1. Get Pre-Approved; This is different than getting Pre-Qualified.

  2. This will allow you to shop with confidence knowing that you qualify for the necessary financing.

  3. It will show seller’s that you are a “serious” buyer and can complete the purchase.

  4. Home Search

  5. Remember, the most important consideration is location. You can always improve the property but can not change it’s location.

  6. Make An Offer/Negotiate Terms

  7. Complete Your Home Inspection

  8. Finalize The Purchase Agreement

  9. Submit All Necessary Loan Approval Information

  10. Proof of income – Typically 2 most recent paystubs and your W2 or 2 years tax returns if self employed.

  11. Verification of assets – Typically 2 months most recent bank statements or other asset statements. If there have been any large recent deposits we will need a letter of explanation for them.

  12. Credit letter – An explanation for any recent late payments

  13. Divorce Decree / Child Support agreement if applicable

  14. Property Appraisal

  15. Title Search

  16. Finalize Loan Approval

  17. Submit final loan conditions for approval to receive loan commitment

  18. Closing

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