Sold in the Anacapa Walk community 535 Starboard Lane Townhouse Sort Sale in the beautiful coastal city of Port Hueneme, California. Sold via a successful short-sale transaction that took almost 2 years to negotiate and close.

Sold 535 Starboard Ln Port Hueneme CA

It was a great honor and privilege to have helped this Military  Family avoid foreclosure. It was very important to me to succeed in this transaction. Our military families do not deserve this. I thank them for sticking with me until we were able to complete the mission. I am also very grateful for their honest and kind testimonial. They can now move on to their next chapter in life!

Seller Testimonial 535 Starboard Ln Townhouse Short Sale Port Hueneme CA

“...Through the dozen or so packages I had to submit,  monthly up to date pay stubs, bank statements and all the other paperwork that was required David and his team NEVER left my side and he never failed to provide a buyer for my home.  He promised he would be there “until the fat lady sang”, and that’s exactly what happened. It took two years and two different companies to go through, but I would never had stood a chance if David Tovar at Exit Castillo Realty wasn’t on my side.   My family and my co-borrower’s family owe him a sincere debt of gratitude. Thank you so much for not quitting on us!” Switzer Family


3 Critical Components to Success

One of the important elements of completing this short sale was to never give up on the sellers even though they had liens with 2 different banks. Also critical to the success was to have willing buyers that were committed enough to negotiate all the way through. We had many buyers committed at the initial months but would walk away after a few months of challenging negotiations.

The main reason they, the sellers, never gave up was because the banks never filed a trustee sale throughout the entire time. We procured buyers immediately after several walked away. This is important because as long as we have a buyer on the table for the property it freezes the foreclosure process.

What is a short sale?

The banks accept a Short Payoff when you cannot sell a property for more than what is owed on the property. A short sale is basically the beginning of the foreclosure process. It is the critical moment where owners have the opportunity to negotiate with the banks and avoid foreclosure which is a losing proposition for all parties. Although everyone tries to avoid foreclosure the banks have the last word and in some cases they proceed with the foreclosure process even though they have other options. However, it is commonly known that a short sale is one of  the best options for everyone.

Gated community PUD non VA approved

Anacapa Walk 535 Starboard Lane Townhouse for Sale in Port Hueneme never had a low amount of buyers or demand.  The biggest challenge consisted primarily of getting the 2 banks to agree in a timely manner. When one bank agreed we had the other disagree. We would be going back-and-forth until we had mutual agreement but by this time 4 to 5 months would pass and the the buyers would walk away. When a buyer walks away, you have to start all over again.

Home Valuation Video

We are all now very glad to have finally closed this deal and help a Military Family avoid foreclosure. Thanks finally to a committed buyer, after having 5 of them walk away, whom hung in there with us all the way to the end; a critical element to achieving success in the short sale. We are also happy that the committed buyer received a great price of $460,000 for the property that was appraised at $480,000 and could potentially sell close to $500,000 turnkey. It is a property with tremendous upside potential.

The Anacapa Walk community is a gated community  located only a few blocks from Port Hueneme Beach and Port Hueneme Pier. It is also walking distance to the Naval Base and the Port of Hueneme, one of the only deep water ports between Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area. The port complex not only serves international shipping businesses but is an operating facility of Naval Base Ventura County.


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